Registered Nurse Transition Program

Registered Nurse Transition Program at St Vincent's Hospital, Darlinghurst

The aim of the 12-month St Vincent's Transition Program is to equip the new graduate Registered Nurse with skills and confidence enabling them to demonstrate safe, efficient and effective nursing in their first year of practice.

At St Vincent’s Hospital we are firmly committed to the delivery of innovative and evidence-based practice in a supportive learning environment. We are also passionate about providing a positive, challenging and enjoyable workplace that has lots to offer.

There are four intakes throughout the year:

  • February
  • March
  • April
  • August

Program Information

Applications for a position at St Vincent’s Hospital in the Transition Program are lodged through the NSW Ministry of Health.

Eligible applicants indicating their preference for a position at St Vincent’s Hospital will be invited to undertake an interview conducted at St Vincent’s Hospital. 

St Vincent’s Hospital offer general stream positions and dedicated stream positions. 

Click here for further program information (PDF 758.9KB) (PDF 1MB)

For further information and for eligibility criteria please refer to Ministry of Health website:

The St Vincent’s Hospital Transition Program offers:

  • A 7 day hospital, nursing transition program orientation program
  • Extended ward orientation and supernumerary time
  • Weekly Continuing Professional Development sessions
  • Fortnightly Clinical Supervision/Debrief sessions with the Transition Program Nurse Educator
  • Two full day study days
  • Rotation in two clinical areas or within a dedicated stream
  • Education and support from a dedicated full-time Nurse Educator
  • Clinical Nurse Educators in each area
  • After hours Clinical Nurse Educators provide education and guidance on evening shifts and the weekend. 
  • Preceptorship Model
  • Frequent ward/unit based education
  • Access to courses and skills development workshops facilitated by the Nursing Education & Development Centre
  • Support and assistance with career planning and ongoing employment and education opportunities towards completion of the program

Registered Nurse Transition Program Nurse Educator

Caitlin Inkster

Tel:02 8382 2363

Transition Program at St Joseph's Hospital, Auburn

St Joseph’s Hospital is a public hospital of St Vincent’s Health Australia situated in Auburn. St Joseph’s Hospital has a proud tradition of more than 100 years of providing quality and compassionate health care. St Joseph’s Hospital is a hospital within the St Vincent’s Health Network Sydney and therefore is guided by the same governance structure and strategic endeavours, and is an extension of St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney’s care into the greater West.

St Joseph’s Hospital provides inpatient; outpatient and community service, and is a centre of excellence in rehabilitation, mental health for older people, Huntington Disease and palliative care.

Transition Program participants at St Joseph’s Hospital have the opportunity to gain experience in two of the following units over 12 months:

  • Medical & Aged Care Rehabilitation Units
  • Aged Care Psychiatry & Neurosciences Unit
  • Palliative Care Unit
  • Huntington's Disease Unit

St Joseph’s Hospital offers the following:

  • Yearly intake in April
  • Seven days orientation (incorporating orientation to the Hospital and Unit)
  • Four paid study days throughout the 12 months with the opportunity for study days to be contextualised to meet individual learning needs
  • Support and assistance with professional development by Nurse Manager Education and Clinical Nurse Educator’s

Download this brochure for further details (PDF 181.6KB).

Applications for a New Graduate Registered Nurse Position at St Joseph’s Hospital are lodged through the NSW Ministry of Health

For more information on the St Joseph’s program please contact:
Caitlin Inkster - Nurse Manager Education, St Joseph’s Hospital
Tel: (02) 8382 2363

For any general enquiries regarding recruitment for St Vincent's or St Joseph's Hospitals, please contact the Nursing Workforce Manager:
Martin Bryant
Tel: (02) 8382 2195


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Enquiry - Nurse Educator, Transition Program

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