Peanut Allergy Immunotherapy Research Trial (OPAL Study)


We are recruiting to an Australia-first research trial to help people over the age of 16 living with peanut allergy.

If you would like to participate and are:
- over the age of 16 and have peanut allergy
- have not been admitted to ICU for a peanut reaction in the last 5 years
- not lactating, pregnant or planning pregnancy 
- and able to commit to 18 study visits over 12 months (7 of the visits take between 4 to 6 hours) 

Please contact us by email at Include your phone number and the best time for a member of the study team to contact you.

We are using an anti-allergy medication (omalizumab) together with peanut oral immunotherapy (also known as desensitisation), to understand whether peanut immunotherapy will be safer, quicker and more tolerable. This will not cure peanut allergy, but aims to improve safety and quality of life for those living with peanut allergy into adulthood.

You will be reimbursed for travel and parking costs associated with study visits.

This study has been approved by South West Sydney Local Health District Human Research Ethics Committee. Reference number 2019/ETH13494

We would like to acknowledge The Balnaves Foundation, St Vincent’s Curran Foundation and SPHERE Triple I for their support of this study.