Planning ahead and making my wishes known

Planning ahead is important because a time may come when you are not well enough to manage your needs or you are not able to speak for yourself.

It can help to be sure that someone - family, friend or carer - knows how they can assist you with your practical and personal needs. Our health care care teams are also often able to assist with guidance about planning ahead and help that is available, including in the community. If you are being cared for in the hospital or in an outpatient clinic you can ask questions and share your concerns with your St Vincent’s or St Joseph's Hospital care team, and if you are being cared for at home you can speak with your community health care team.  As examples, you might want to talk with your doctor, nurse, or with one of our social workers.

This section of our website focuses on how you can plan regarding your health.

Your team will always turn to you first for decisions. If a time comes when you cannot speak for yourself, having appointed someone who you trust to speak for you and having made an advance care plan can help to ensure that your voice is heard. Such times may arise during serious illness or because of an unexpected injury or accident. If this were to happen, it is important that what you would want – your wishes – can guide your family, carers and healthcare team if they are called upon to act for you or make decisions about your healthcare.