Wound Series - Chronic and Complex Wounds

Start date:


ACU & SVH Clinical School
Cator Building, Ground Level
(Building Entry on Barcom Ave Darlinghurst, across from Liechhardt Street)

Close date:

18 March, 2019

17 June, 2019

4 November, 2019

Date options:

4 & 10 April, 2019

2 & 9 July, 2019 

21 & 28 November, 2019

8.30am - 4pm.

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Course overview:

To develop and provide health professional with the fundamental skills and knowledge to enhance wound assessment and management for their patients..


Co-orindated by the SVH Wound CNC with a range of interdisciplinary presenters

Key topics:

Upon completion of this program participants will be able to:
Demonstrate knowledge of the major wound types
Discuss the physiology of normal wound repair and the body’s response to injury
Outline the physiological differences between acute and chronic wounds
Perform a holistic assessment of the patient with wounds
Investigate factors that may delay wound healing and compromise tissue viability
Apply a broad range of best practice wound treatment options based on a full wound assessment
Communicate the psychological impact wounds have on individuals and carers
Argue appropriate interdisciplinary services for patients with wounds

Who should attend:

Health professionals who are interested in developing their knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of wound care.

Course enquiries:

Peter Jones
0457 562 178

Course Pre-requisites:

Fundamental wound knowledge


$300 ex GST


Participants are required to organise their own travel and parking arrangements.

Cancellation policy:

Cancellation provided up to 5 working days before the program a full refund will be issued.
Cancellation past the 5 working days and before 24 hours prior to the program half refund will be issued.
Cancellation with 24hrs prior to the program no refund is issued.

Cancellation should be in writing to SVHS.NEDC@svha.org.au


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