Clinical Pastoral Education Courses 2022 (400 Hours)


Pastoral Education Seminar Room

Delacy Building  Level 4 and online.

Date details:

Semester Units: Available Mondays or Tuesdays for group and Individual supervision (One day a week of their chosen day for Clinical Placement).

Semester 1: 
Face-to-face or online, pending COVID-19 conditions
Tuesday – Class accept orientation, MUE & EUE will be on Monday/Tuesday
Placement: St Vincent’s Hospital Campus. 
Dates:  21st /22nd Feb to 6th/7th June 2022. 

Semester 2: 
Tuesday - Class accept orientation, MUE & EUE will be on Monday/Tuesday
Placement: St Vincent’s Hospital 
Dates:  22nd /23rd Aug to 5/6 Dec 2022 

Summer Intensive Unit (4 days/week)
Class: Thursday & Friday: (possibly face-to-face).
Placement:  St Vincent’s Hospital. Two days of students’ choice.
Dates: 10th/11th November 2022 to 9th/10th February 2023. 

Year Long Dates:
Class: Two days a month; on Thursday/Fridays.  Online or face-to-face pending COVID-19 conditions  
Placement: St Vincent’s Hospital Campus 
Dates:  Feb 24/25, Mar 17/18, Apr 7/8, May 5/6, June 2/3, Aug 25/26, Sept 15/16, Oct 6/7, 27/28 & Nov 24th /25th ,  2022

Closing dates for enrollments:
Year Long Year Unit is 28th January 2022
Semester 1 Units is 31st December 2021
Semester 2 Unit is1st July 2022
Summer is 7th October 2022


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CPE programs at St Vincent’s

St Vincent’s Hospital is one of Sydney’s leading health care institutions with a long tradition in educating healthcare professionals including pastoral care practitioners.

St Vincent’s recognises that spiritual care is an integral part of patients’ healing and well-being.  It has a dynamic pastoral care department that responds to the spiritual care needs of patients, their families and the staff.

The Clinical Pastoral Education Centre was established in 1981 by Sr Margaret Lee.  The Centre offers Introductory, Basic, Advanced and Supervisory Education programs. 

CPE program involves:

  • Weeks in teaching sessions:  18 weeks + 3 days extra (orientation, Mid- Term /End-Unit Evaluation).  5hours a week. 
  • Group work:  110 hours scheduled, students must attend a minimum of 90 hours.  
  • Individual Supervision: 10 hours. Students must complete 10 hour of individual supervision
  • Clinical Placement:  150 hours.  Learning from one’s experience of providing Pastoral Care to patients and their families (Minimum of 150 hours of clinical practice)
  • Responding to people experiencing a crisis
  • Working with a small group to develop one’s knowledge and skills
  • Reflecting theologically and growing your understanding of the theology that informs your praxis 
  • An opportunity to work alongside other members of the healing team
  • Study, reflection and assignment: 130 hours


Participants are encouraged to bring their own lunch, alternatively there is a cafe within St Vincent's Hospital. Tea and coffee will be provided. 


Key topics:

  • The Role of Pastoral/Spiritual Practitioner
  • Principals that informs Pastoral Boundaries/Ethics
  • Spiritual Care Australia (formation)
  • Pastoral Intervention; Listening skills, inviting the patient’s story, Empathy, Validation, responding to existential questions and exploring spiritual/emotional needs. 
  • Becoming a reflective Pastoral/Spiritual practitioner, supervision a reflective space for learning; taking charge of my learning.
  • Theological Reflections; my theology of Pastoral Practice, Methods of Theological Reflection, understanding suffering and responding to what tradition/faith offers in pastoral practice. 
  • Spiritual assessments; hopes, values, dreams and resources.
  • Understanding culture
  • Grief and Loss
  • Documenting Pastoral Visit/Intervention
  • Group dynamics
  • Self care: a theology and practice
  • Appropriate use of Pastoral/spiritual resources; prayer, ritual/liturgical, sacraments. 

For more information, see our brochure

Who should attend:

Pastoral Care Practitioners, Chaplains, Parish Pastoral Workers, volunteers, healthcare professionals, those wishing to explore suitability to work in this field, those seeking to develop their capacity to provide spiritual care and those seeking to deepen their search for  a deeper spiritual meaning in life.

Course enquiries:

Helena Naif (Sr), 8382 2119

Course Pre-requisites:

Preferably CPE Introductory Unit.


Academic Award

  • Undergraduate - $ 2,450
  • Postgraduate - $3,080


  • Basic Unit 1,2,3 - $1,800/Unit
  • Advance Unit - $2,150

Maximum number of applicants:



Participants are encouraged to bring their own lunch.


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Cancellation policy:

Registration Fees will be refunded in full if Pastoral Education Centre is notified a month before starting date, 80% two weeks before starting date, 50% two weeks after starting date. No refund will apply a month after starting date.



St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney does not accept responsibility for any act or omission on the part of the Seminar/Conference/Event organiser/presenters. No liability is accepted for inaccuracy, misdescription, delay, damage, personal injury or death.


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