Smoking Cessation Training

How We Can Help

We provide up-to-date evidence based smoking cessation training to health services. Our goal is to assist clinicians develop their tobacco smoking cessation skills so that they can confidently and effectively deliver an intervention to clients and patients in their day to day work practices. Evidence shows that when health clinicians are trained in delivering intervention, smoking cessation increases.
Services We Offer

We provide three different types of training:

Smoking Cessation in Pregnancy workshop

This consists of 5 x 20 minute modules designed to enhance the confidence and skill in delivering smoking cessation intervention in pregnancy, within routine clinical practice. The topics of each module are:
1.    stress as a barrier
2.    smoking for enjoyment as a barrier
3.    psychosocial barriers around  birth weight, weight gain, partner smoking and lack of support
4.    nicotine replacement therapy
5.    NSW Quitline and other clinical pathways

An advantage of this training is its flexibility. Services with less than 2 hours available can choose which of the five modules they wish to complete.

Smoking cessation training for clinicians working with priority populations

Some populations have a much higher prevalence of tobacco smoking compared to the NSW state average. This comprehensive but flexible training is designed to assist staff that work with these high priority populations. It is particularly relevant to clinicians that provide ongoing support in the community such as those working in case-management environments.

Managing nicotine dependence in an inpatient setting

This training is specifically designed for clinicians that see patients for only a few days or in one-off episodes, but still have opportunity to provide some brief intervention. An example would be hospital based nurses who are in a position to help manage nicotine dependence.

Contact Us

To make a booking or discuss training options further, please contact:
NSW State-Wide Smoking Cessation Training Coordinator: 8382 1038 or
Smoking Cessation trainer 9361 8037 or


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