Lung Function Laboratory

The Lung Function Laboratory uses standardised respiratory function testing procedures and state-of-the-art equipment in the diagnosis and assessment of lung diseases, evaluation of exercise tolerance, and the assessment of blood oxygen and carbon dioxide levels.

Lung function tests are used in the diagnosis and assessment of many respiratory disorders, including asthma, COPD, restrictive disorders, neuromuscular disorders and diseases of the chest wall. They are critically important to the follow-up care plan for lung transplant patients and also to assess risks of some chemotherapy drugs, for cancer patients.

Lung Function Factory tests offered include lung mechanics, lung volumes, respiratory muscle strength, lung diffusion, blood gases, bronchial challenge tests (exercise, hypertonic saline & mannitol), cardiopulmonary stress tests, skin prick tests, home oxygen assessment, high altitude simulation testing and physiological shunt studies.


A/Prof Adrian Havryk MBBS (Hons I) PhD FRACP

Associate Professor Marshall Plit MBBS, MMED, PhD, FCP(SA), FRACGP, FCCP


Heart Lung Program
Level 4, Xavier Building
St Vincent’s Hospital
390 Victoria Street
Darlinghurst NSW 2010


Contact the Lung Function Laboratory on 02 8382 2353 for an appointment. Please bring your referral letter to your first appointment as well as your Medicare and any concession cards.

Urgent Appointments

For a VERY URGENT outpatient appointment phone switchboard 02 8382 1111 and ask to speak to the registrar in Thoracic Medicine.

Before your test

You don't have to fast for lung function tests but should avoid smoking for 1 hour, consuming alcohol for 4 hours, strenuous exercise for 30 min, and eating a large meal for 2 hours, prior to testing.

To find out more information about lung function tests visit the St Vincent's Hospital Lung Health website.


Fax 02 8382 2944