Speech Pathology

Some illnesses and treatments can affect your ability to swallow or speak. This can have a huge impact on eating and your ability to return to regular activities.The Speech Pathology Department at St Vincent's Hospital Sydney provides assessment and treatment for patients whose ability to communicate or swallow has been affected, either temporarily or permanently.

The Department provides assessment, diagnosis and management of speech, language, voice and swallowing disorders to inpatients from all units in the Hospital as well as several outpatient services.

Our Services

Outpatient Neurological, Speech, Language and Swallowing Service

Outpatient services are offered for people with communication and swallowing disorders due to neurological diseases or events.  The service provides a full assessment, therapy and education for a range of disorders including dysarthria, dyspraxia and both receptive and expressive dysphasia.

The service evaluates and coordinates the implementation of Augmentative and Alternate Communication (AAC) for patients who are unable to communicate verbally.

St Vincent’s Voice Clinic

St Vincent’s Voice Clinic is a tertiary referral centre that offers a range of specialist services to people with voice disorders. Your Speech Pathologist evaluates the voice using computerised voice analysis systems.  Direct assessment of vocal fold is conducted by your Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Specialist.  

Intensive treatment programs are offered to country patients who cannot access local speech pathology services.  

In conjunction with the Neurology Department, the Voice Clinic also specialises in the diagnosis and management of Spasmodic Dysphonia, a rare neurological disorder that causes involuntary spasm of the vocal folds.

St Vincent’s Voice Workshop for Teachers

St Vincent’s Voice Clinic offers a 1 day workshop specifically designed to address the vocal needs of teachers.  

Voice Training for patients with Parkinson’s disease

St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney Speech Pathology Department has been providing the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) for over 15 years. LSVT is designed especially for patients with Parkinson’s disease and is an evidence-based program that is proven to improve voice and speech.   Patients are individually assessed and seen for an intensive course of therapy.

Outpatient Laryngectomy and Head and Neck Cancer Service

St Vincent’s Speech Pathology Department provides one of the leading services for Laryngectomy management in NSW. All inpatients transitioning to outpatient services will receive ongoing training and management to support the process of living as a laryngectomee. Consultative education and clinical training of rural Speech Pathologists also occurs if patients are returning to rural locations.  . Patients who have surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy for treatment of head and neck cancer will be seen for management of swallowing and communication problems.

Modified Barium Swallow/Video Fluoroscopy Clinic

A weekly Modified Barium Swallow clinic is held in conjunction with the Medical Imaging Department to assess swallowing function in patients with swallowing disorders. This diagnostic procedure enables the speech pathologists to develop management plans for the patient which include giving advice about the most appropriate diet and swallowing treatment program.  


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