Safe Assessment Space (SAS)

SAS is a part of the emergency department that offers a supportive and welcoming environment for people experiencing mental health distress. Every individual is different and each assessment and treatment pathway is tailored to the individual needs of our patients. 

Our team consists of specialist psychiatrists, clinical nurse consultants, social workers and mental health nurses who are passionate about empowering people who are experiencing emotional issues and persisting mental health issues. Our aim is to provide our patients with access to the best available, evidence-based psychiatric and psychological treatment with a holistic approach,  that can maximise your recovery and mental wellbeing. 

What to expect

Following Emergency triage, a mental health nurse will bring the patient into SAS. Whilst in SAS patients will have a physical assessment, followed by an assessment from the mental health team. Our team may also speak to a close friend or loved one. The mental health team will then discuss a treatment plan to provide the safest, most appropriate care.