Occupational Therapy

At St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney, our Occupational Therapists help patients manage various physical limitations caused by illness or injury. Occupational Therapists use therapeutic activities to assist patients in achieving maximum functional performance, both physically and psychologically. Our team is also involved in research to provide best practices for patients.

Occupational Therapy Services

  • Functional assessment: Assessment and advice on how to manage daily activities including self-care, work, driving and home tasks.
  • Cognitive retraining: Assessment and strategies to assist with memory, concentration and planning difficulties.
  • Home environment assessment: Review of home environment and recommendations on how to improve safety while maintaining independence and comfort.
  • Patient and carer education: Advice on adapting to change, managing fatigue, the use of equipment, and how to care for the patient in order to optimise their abilities.
  • Stress management and relaxation
  • Pressure care: Recommend and educate on position, movement and equipment to reduce the risk of developing pressure areas.
  • Splinting: Prescription and fabrication of hand splints for optimal recovery and comfort.


Our team may prescribe equipment for your use at home when you are discharged from hospital. We have a small equipment lending pool for inpatients of St Vincent’s.

The equipment is loaned for a period of 3 months from date of discharge. A deposit is required for the hire of equipment with partial refunds when the equipment is returned in good, working condition. Courier fees apply if you require us to pick up the equipment for return.


Occupational Therapy Department
Level 4 Aikenhead Building
St Vincent’s Hospital

Contact Information
Phone: (02) 8382 3361
Fax: (02) 8382 2432

Head of Department
Kristian Lewis

Outpatient and Day Hospital Service

Therapy is provided to recently discharged inpatients as well as individuals in the community who do not require a hospital admission but still need ongoing therapy. Patients needing outpatient rehabilitation need to be referred to the service.

Spasticity Management Service

This specialist service provides assessment and intervention for the treatment of spasticity. Intervention may include botulinum toxin injections and/or referral to outpatient therapy for the treatment of spasticity. A referral is needed to access this service.

Occupational Therapy at Sacred Heart Palliative Care Service

The Sacred Heart Palliative Care Service offers a holistic multidisciplinary approach to caring for people with an illness that is no longer responsive to curative treatment.

The Occupational Therapist aims to either keep people managing in their homes or allow them to maintain their independence and dignity through engaging in occupations on the ward.

Diversional Therapists work with people of all ages and abilities to facilitate leisure and recreational programs. All inpatients are welcome to attend and outpatients can be referred through their case managers.

Our Art Psychotherapist facilitates art based therapies with patients which encourages expression of thoughts, feelings and experiences within a therapeutic relationship. It is not focused on artistic merit, performance or skill. It can be utilised to help support patients experience of their current situation, to understand the self and the nature of any difficulties or distress around their illness or that of death and dying. The overall aim is to help provide insight and empowerment, to reminisce and review life, to create memories and to impart dignity.


Sacred Heart Building (Level 2)

Contact Information
Phone: (02) 8382 9531