At St Vincent’s Hospital (SVH) Sydney, our psychologists work within an evidence-based, client-centred framework to enhance the emotional and psychological health outcomes of patients. We provide psychological information, assessment, formulation, treatment and prevention as individual practitioners as well as part of multidisciplinary teams. 

Our Psychologists

The St Vincent's Psychology Department includes over 40 psychologists, clinical psychologists and clinical neuropsychologists working across various units and services on the St Vincent's Campus. We will often also have Provisional Psychologists completing placements across the hospital. Services that currently offer psychology services include:
  • Caritas Inpatient Unit
  • Community Mental Health
  • Mental Health Rehabilitation
  • Clinical Research Unit for Anxiety Disorders (CRUfAD)
  • Consultation Liaison Psychiatry
  • Older People’s Mental Health Service
  • Gambling Treatment Program
  • Bereavement Service
  • Pain Medicine
  • Rehabilitation
  • Drug and Alcohol Services
  • Neurology / HIV
  • Kinghorn Cancer Centre
  • Homeless Health Service
  • Community Access and Assessment Team

What is Psychology?

Psychology is a science-based profession which integrates psychological theory and clinical practice to understand, prevent, and relieve psychologically based distress or dysfunction and enhance health outcomes. 

To obtain qualifications in psychology, our clinicians have completed a four year accredited undergraduate degree in psychology (including Honours) and a further two years supervised practice. Further endorsement in clinical psychology or clinical neuropsychology requires further study by way of an accredited Masters, combined Masters / PhD, or Doctoral degree in clinical psychology/neuropsychology. They must also have completed further clinical practice under supervision. 

All psychologists are required to maintain registration with the Australian Health Practitioner’s Registration Authority (AHPRA) and undertake ongoing continuing professional development to maintain competence within their area of practice, which can include further training in additional evidence-based therapies.

What do Psychologists do?

Psychologists are adept at providing a range of treatment approaches including case management, assessment, formulation, and the application of existing evidence-based therapies to promote behaviour change.

Clinical Psychologists work in more specialised medical or psychiatric settings providing more sophisticated applications of evidence-based assessments and treatments suitable for that population.

Clinical Neuropsychologists assess and treat people with changes in cognition or behaviour that may relate to underlying brain changes.

What services are available? 

Psychology services vary across each clinical service, though most of our services will offer individual assessment and therapy and some services will also offer carer support to those involved in caring for people with mental health of cognitive disorder. Further information can be obtained by contacting the individual service.

Some services will also offer specific group programs, e.g., 

Services may be offered face-to-face as an outpatient at our facilities or in the community, via telephone or telehealth, or via internet-based programs, e.g., 

  • This Way Up: Online programs using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) to treat anxiety and depression.
  • Reboot Online: Automated, clinician-guided pain management program.
  • Alcohol & Drug Information Service (ADIS): 02 9361 8000. 


Referral Process and Eligibility Criteria

The referral process and eligibility criteria vary for each service within the department. Please contact each service directly to discuss details.

Looking for a career in Psychology?

Click here  to hear St Vincent's Hospital Clinical Psychologist, Melissa Levi, talk about what it's like to train and work as a psychologist.


For more information regarding the psychology services of St Vincent’s Hospital, please contact Zoe Falster, SVHN Principal Psychologist, ph: 8382 1548 or email: