Homeless Health Service

The Homeless Health Service (HHS) provides holistic healthcare, education and care coordination on an outreach basis. We assist people experiencing homelessness in inner city Sydney who are not currently accessing healthcare and support. We are a multidisciplinary team with expertise in physical health care, psychiatry, mental health, substance use and oral health.

Our aim is to support people experiencing homelessness to actively engage in healthcare and access mainstream services of their choice. We use a strengths-based, harm minimisation approach to assist our clients to identify their priorities and create plans to achieve their goals.

Our Services

Homeless Outreach Team

The Homeless Outreach Team provides assessment, treatment, referral and care coordination. We work in partnership with local services and offer a range of clinics at a variety of drop-in centres, services and churches. We also offer coordinated care planning from the St Vincent’s Hospital Emergency Department.

The Homeless Outreach Team manages intake for all referrals to the Homeless Health Service


The Way2Home Health Team works in partnership with Way2Home Support Team (Neami) to provide healthcare and support to rough sleepers with a long history of homelessness and multiple health needs.

Wesley Mission Therapeutic Support

The Homeless Health Service clinicians from the Wesley Mission Therapeutic Support Team (TST) collaborate with the support workers from Wesley Mission TST to provide mental health care to clients, and support and education to staff.

Tierney House

Tierney House is a 12 bedded residential unit assisting the inner city homeless population to access health care. Tierney House provides a safe and stable environment whereby residents can access assessment, treatment and support from St Vincent’s Hospital and local health and support services.

Please note that the Homeless Health Service does not provide emergency treatment or accommodation. If you require emergency treatment please present to your nearest hospital emergency department or call 000. Alternatively you can call the NSW Mental Health Line, 24 hours on 1800 011 511. If you require accommodation, please call Link2Home on 1800 152 152.

Stanford House

Stanford House offers short-term accommodation for people living with HIV who also have complex health needs such as homelessness, drug and alcohol issues or mental health conditions. Operating for 25 years, the service relocated to St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney in 2016 with more capacity and greater outreach services for clients and past residents

Referrals and Enquiries

Referrals and enquiries can be directed to the Homeless Health Service intake line on 1800 602 417 or 02 8382 1512.

The Homeless Health Service intake line is attended Monday to Friday 8am – 4:30pm.