We extend our sympathy for your loss, and offer the following information to assist you at this difficult time.

Bereavement Counselling Service

Bereavement is a very individual process and we each react differently to loss. Family and friends may provide support, however for some who are grieving it can also be helpful to talk to a specialist counsellor. For more information, please click here

When someone you care about dies in hospital

A guide to help you with practical advice and support. Please click here.

Arranging a funeral

Click here for helpful information that may help you with arranging a funeral for your loved one

When someone’s death has been referred to the NSW Coroner 

Please be aware that you can address any questions about a referral to the NSW Coroner to the St Vincent’s healthcare team who are available to provide information about why the referral was made and about the process and supports available to you and others.

There is also information available about each step in the coronial process, including about access to counselling and support, accessible via the Coroner’s Court itself if you click here

Suggested reading

Click here for an extensive list of reading material that may provide some solace to those who are grieving.


Please click here for information on grief and loss in other languages.