The St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney Podiatry Department specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the foot and ankle, ranging from common concerns such as athlete’s foot or bunions, to more complex issues such as bone and joint disorders, foot care for diabetics, and sports injuries.

Our department provides both complex foot services and general podiatry services.

The Complex Foot Service includes:
• Diabetes
• Rheumatoid Arthritis
• Peripheral neuropathy/neuropathic symptoms
• Neuropathic Ulcer
• Structural Foot Deformity
• Foot trauma
• Previous amputations
• Neurological Disease (Spina Bifida)

The General Podiatry Service includes:
• Diabetes
• Rheumatoid Arthritis/Autoimmune Disease
• Structural Foot Deformity Peripheral Vascular Disease (Arterial, Mixed, Venous)
• Foot trauma
• Previous amputations
• Neuropathic Ulcer
• Lymphoedema
• Non-Diabetes unable to conduct foot care


• Patients must be frail aged or a younger person with disability or chronic health condition
• Living within City of Sydney, Waverley, Woollahra, Randwick and Botany local government areas
• Domiciliary visits provided for housebound patients (pending assessment)


Please contact The O’Brien Referral Centre (ORC) on Tel: 02 8382 1450. Referrals can be faxed through to the O’Brien Referral Centre on tel: 02 8382 1997.