Information for Carers

The Dementia Advisory Service can help carers in the following ways:

• Organise seminars and workshops for the delivery of education and information to Carers
• Support Service Providers - Councils, Hospitals, Community Health Services, Community-based and non-government organisations in the delivery of Carer-specific functions and information
• Generally organise information to be made available that is aimed at informing, and educating, the Carer
• Work closely with primary health networks.  

Support and information
The following links will provide further information: 

Ageing, Disability & Home Care

Ageing, Disability & Home Care - Carer Publications

Ageing, Disability & Home Care - Older People Publication

Carers Australia (NSW)

Alzheimer's Australia (NSW)- Family & Carers

DementiaNet Australia

Contact numbers of other NSW based Dementia Advisory Services

Multicultural Carer services & information in other languages

NSW Multicultural Health

Interpreter Service

Alzheimer’s Australia CALD Fact Sheets  

Sydney Multicultural Service (SMCS)  

Greek Welfare

JewishCare NSW

Indonesian Welfare Association   

Italian Association of Assistance (Co.As.It)   


Tel: 02 8382 1450 (Intake)
Tel: 0416 144 100