The Department of Dermatology provides a busy and efficient in-patient and out-patient service to the Hospital and the local community.

The Department of Dermatology is staffed by highly experienced dermatologists with significant expertise in all aspects of dermatology and related sub-specialties. Clinical services are provided by dermatology registrars (specialists in-training) and supervised by consultant dermatologists.

Clinic Services and Consultations

Clinical Services and Special Interests

  • General dermatology: conditions of skin, hair, nails and mucous membranes
  • Skin cancers: diagnosis and management of sun-damaged skin and skin cancers, especially skin cancers in immunosuppressed patients
  • Vascular dermatology- skin conditions secondary to an underlying vascular disease (Prof. Parsi)
  • Infectious diseases: skin conditions associated with HIV, warts and other cutaneous infections

Clinics and Consultations

General Dermatology: Monday and Wednesday PM
Surgical Dermatology: Wednesday alternate PM
Multi-disciplinary Clinic: Monday AM- monthly
In-patient Consultations: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm*

* Please note there is no after-hour dermatology consultation or on-call service.

Outpatient Clinics

Outpatients clinics are staffed by dermatology registrars and supervised by consultants. Registrars are qualified medical practitioners who are undergoing specialist training to obtain specialist recognition as a dermatologist. Dermatology registrars will be taking the medical history, perform a medical examination and if required will present the findings to the consultant in charge of the clinic. Please note you cannot request to see a particular dermatologist without first seeing a registrar at a public clinic. If you do not wish to be seen by a registrar and wish to see a particular consultant only, you need to obtain a referral to see that individual dermatologist privately in their private practice.

Our Consultants

Kurosh Parsi
Prof. Kurosh Parsi

Head of Department 
Staff Specialist
Dermatologist, Phlebologist and Vascular Anomalies Specialist
MBBS, MSc (Med), PhD, LLM

Annika Smith
Dr Annika Smith

Consultant Dermatologist
Supervisor of Training
MBBS (Hons 1), MPHTM

Rhonda Harvey
Dr Rhonda Harvey

Mohs Surgeon, Consultant
BSc (Med), MBBS (Hons), PhD, MDerm

Dr Frank Issacs

Consultant Dermatologist
MBBS (Hon 1)

Vanessa Paddon
Dr Vanessa Paddon

Consultant Dermatologist
MBBS, BMedSc, MMed

Robert McDonald
Dr Robert McDonald

Dermatologic Surgeon
Consultant Dermatologist
BMed (Hon), MMed

Bryan Pang
Dr Bryan Pang

Consultant Dermatologist

Frances Tefany
Dr Frances Tefany

Consultant Dermatologist

Philip Tong
Dr Philip Tong

Consultant Dermatologist

Philip Tong
A/Prof. Margot Whitfeld

Consultant Dermatologist


For urgent appointments, please call the General Ambulatory Outpatients Department on 02 8382 3110.
For all other patients, please fax a valid referral to the Dermatology Outpatients Clinic on 02 8382 3111.

Outpatient Appointments

For urgent appointments, please call the General Ambulatory Outpatients Department on (02) 8382 3110
For all other patients, please fax a valid referral to the Dermatology Outpatients Clinic on (02) 8382 3111


Photographs may be obtained during the course of your consultation. Photographs form part of your medical records and will be saved on the secure hospital-based electronic medical record system. 


St Vincent’s Hospital is a teaching hospital of the University of New South Wales (UNSW). We formally train dermatology registrars, junior medical officers, medical students, nursing and other Allied Health staff. Consultants may wish to teach the junior staff about your condition. If you do not wish to be seen by other members of the dermatology team for teaching purposes, please let the registrar know. 


  • All patients seen at Dermatology Outpatients must be referred by another medical practitioner.
  • The referral should clearly state the suspected condition and be addressed to one of the department’s consultants. Vague referrals such as ‘dear skin doctor’ will not be accepted.
  • For urgent conditions, as defined in table below, the referring doctor should contact the dermatology registrar on-call via the hospital switchboard.
  • For after-hour management of acute dermatoses, patients should be referred to the nearest emergency department.
  • Referrals need to be valid (12 months from GPs, 3 months from other specialists)
  • Please fax a valid referral to the Dermatology Outpatients Clinic on (02) 8382 3111.


Triage policy

Once a referral is received, it is triaged by the medical staff based on the medical urgency, department policy, hospital policy and NSW Health directives. The table below acts as a guide with indicative time periods. Please note all time periods are approximate and the actual waiting period may be different to what is tabulated depending on the clinic availability, restrictions in-place due to Covid-19 pandemic, hospital policy and NSW Health directives. 

Click here  for detailed information on triage of dermatological patients.

Routine Skin Checks and Cosmetic Concerns

The routine examination of skin is a service provided within the community by general practitioners and dermatologists in private practice.

The Hospital Outpatient Service is designed for cases where the referring doctors believe a specialist opinion such as that provided by a teaching hospital is required. Routine skin checks are not accepted except for existing St Vincent’s Hospital transplant, immunosuppressed patients.

General practitioners should be consulted for all other skin checks and referrals to community-based dermatologists should be made if required. The department does not deal with cosmetic concerns.  

Contact Us

Department of Dermatology

Department of Dermatology
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Fax: (02) 8382 2893

Dermatology, Phlebology and Fluid Mechanics Research Laboratory

Research supervisor: Dr David Connor
Dermatology, Phlebology and Fluid Mechanics Research Laboratory
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