Theranostics & Nuclear Medicine

The theranostics and nuclear medicine department offers a full range of PET and conventional nuclear medicine procedures, in addition to a number of theranostic therapy options, many still in trial form.

The department works in close collaboration with the Kinghorn Cancer Centre, Oncology trials unit, Garvan institute of medical research, St Vincent's Private and Public Hospitals, and St Vincent's Clinic to provide the best possible environment for high quality clinical care and clinical research.

We offer the most advanced imaging and therapeutic techniques currently available. With a strong emphasis on teaching and research, we are constantly innovating new techniques and procedures aimed at delivering more accurate, efficient imaging services culminating in better patient outcomes.

The Theranostic & Nuclear Medicine service at St. Vincent's Hospital operates from 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday to Fridays and has an on-call, after hours service for emergencies.
To contact the department, please use the following details provided below:-

(02) 8382 1830
Fax: (02) 8382 1824

For more information about the Theranostics and Nuclear Medicine services offered by St. Vincent's Hospital, please utilize any of the links provided below:-

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