Our Services

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD):

Weekly (F2F and telehealth) outpatient clinics involving dedicated gastroenterologists, specialist nurses, dietitians and surgeons; nurse led advice line, therapeutic drug monitoring, intestinal ultrasound

Liver disease:

Weekly outpatient clinics focussing on patients with advanced liver disease (cirrhosis), viral hepatitis and metabolic liver disease; liver fibroscan assessment

General gastroenterology:

Weekly outpatient clinics (F2F and telehealth) that focus on symptoms that suggest disorders of the intestinal tract, pancreas and/or liver

Oesophageal diseases:

Outpatient clinics that focus on symptoms that suggest diseases of the oesophagus, reinforced by state of the art testing, including 24hr acid pH and high resolution impedance manometry studies

FOBT+ Direct Access Colonoscopy:

Patient-centred service led by dedicated nurse co-ordinator whereby patients with minimal health issues can be directed to colonoscopy without need for initial specialist consultation

Endoscopy Unit:

State of art endoscopy facility with highly trained doctors and supporting teams; procedures undertaken include diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy/ colonoscopy, endoscopic ultrasound (EUS), ERCP, balloon enteroscopy, capsule endoscopy, 3rd space endoscopy (POEMS/ ESD)

Multidisciplinary treatment groups:

Liver cancer, IBD