Program for Early Intervention & Prevention of Disability (PEIPOD)

PEIPOD provides a range of interventions for young people (ages 16-25) with recent onset of psychosis or mood or anxiety disorder.
Core activities include providing intensive case management, psychological and psychosocial interventions and support with entering or continuing study or employment.  There is also support offered to families, carers and non-government organisations (NGOs).  Psychoeducation is provided to individuals, families and other agencies in order to promote understanding of early intervention principles.

The PEIPOD service goal is to minimise the impact of psychosis, mood or anxiety disorder on a young person’s life and to promote recovery within the Strengths Approach framework which is consumer-driven and future-oriented.


Level 3, The O'Brien Centre
St Vincent's Hospital
394-404 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst
Tel: 02 8382 1300