Psychology within Mental Health Services


Level 3, The O’Brien Centre, 390 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst 2010

About Us

Psychologists and clinical psychologists work in multidisciplinary teams within the Mental Health Service  to provide psychological assessments, cognitive assessments and psychological treatment for a range of mental health issues including psychosis, mood disorders, anxiety, trauma, substance use, personality disorders, stress management, relapse prevention and other factors that may impact on a person’s wellbeing and recovery. 

Caritas Inpatient Mental Health Unit / Community Mental Health Team

Caritas Inpatient Unit and the Community Mental Health Team are multidisciplinary teams that provide assessment, acute care services and case management for consumers with a mental health disorder both in an inpatient setting and in the local community.  


PEIPOD (Program for Early Intervention and Prevention of Disability) is a multidisciplinary team that provides assessment, treatment and intensive case management for young people with the recent onset (past 2 yrs) of psychosis or mood disorders. The clinical psychologist within the PEIPOD team provides psychological interventions and cognitive assessments (if needed) to assist the young person in their recovery. Psychological therapy may be provided to help a young person address problems with anxiety, mood, residual psychotic symptoms, relapse prevention, sleep, family or relationship issues, substance use, and support with returning to work or study.  

Rehabilitation Service

St Vincent’s Mental Health Rehabilitation Team is a multidisciplinary team that promotes recovery to enable adults (18-65 years) with mental health issues to participate in a meaningful life in the community. This is done through the provision of specialised rehabilitation services targeting skill enhancement, role functioning, independence and wellbeing. Psychologists within this team help address barriers to achieving what clients want out of life through both individual and group work. 


Clients within the St Vincent's catchment area can self-refer either by attending the O’Brien Centre and asking to speak with the triage service, or alternatively call the Mental Health Triage Line on 1800 011 511.

Health professionals must refer clients to Mental Health Services via the SVH triage service (Ph: 8382 1300 or face-to-face, Level 3 O'Brien Centre). 


Phone: (02) 8382 1300