Education & Information

Public Seminars

The Dementia Care Commitment Committee presents 6 public seminars each year. Click here to view current seminar information.

All presenters work in Aged Care and/or Dementia care and are primarily from a number of areas within Prince of Wales and St Vincent’s Hospitals, and their respective Community Health Services. Some of the areas presenters are drawn from include Psycho-geriatricians, Geriatricians, Dementia Clinical Nurses, Aged Care Clinical Nurses, Registered Nurses, Speech Pathologists, and Continence Clinical Nurses.

Other presenters are also drawn from Carer groups and Non-Government Organisations who deliver Dementia Services.

The Seminars are open to the public and are generally attended by spouses, family members, friends and carers of a person living with dementia. Topics include a broad range of information on many aspects of dementia, and some specific issues carers need to consider such as Respite Services and Support Groups.

There is also an opportunity for carers to meet the health and community services to ask questions, as well as network with other Carers.

Committee Membership

Currently the organisations and individuals who are members of the committee are:   
• St Vincent ’s Community Heath Service
• Prince of Wales Community Health Service
• Prince of Wales Old Age Psychiatry
• St Luke’s Hospital
• South East Sydney Commonwealth Carer Respite Centre (The Benevolent Society)
• Home Care Services of NSW (Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care)
• Dementia Advisory Service - Eastern Sydney & City of Sydney
• OT experienced in Dementia currently in Private Practice
• Little Sisters of the Poor, Aged Care facility who allow the use of their Auditorium
• Membership is open to all who work in, or have an interest in Dementia

In-services & Inductions

DAS organises sessions specifically designed to be delivered to organisations who require staff to be familiar with aspects of Dementia, Carer Support Groups, Frail-aged and social groups, and any group who indicates a wish to be informed.

The Service will work with the organisation to create a program to deliver the topics of interest. The sessions may be on general and/or basic information topics or, if an organisation finds its’ workers dealing with clients who are displaying certain conditions, tailored to present specific information and education.

The Service draws on a number of health and medical professionals to deliver the sessions.


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