Opioid Treatment Line

The Opioid Treatment Line (OTL) is a telephone helpline that provides opioid pharmacotherapy information, referrals, advice and a forum for pharmacotherapy concerns. Opioid pharmacotherapy is specifically treatment for opioid dependence (eg heroin, morphine and codeine).

Hours of operation  Monday to Friday

9.30am to 5.00pm
Free call number  1800 642 428*

Please note, this service is not available on public holidays.

* Please note- free call numbers are not free from mobile phones, except Telstra mobiles

Frequently Asked Questions

Is OTL a confidential line?

Yes, you have the option of not identifying yourself. However if you have a concern and want it followed up, you may need to identify yourself in order for the staff member to address your issue properly.

Can OTL find me a pharmacotherapy service in my area?

OTL can provide information about both public and private services available in NSW and ACT. However it cannot provide information on vacancies within a service. Information regarding dispensing pharmacies may generally only be given to healthcare professionals.

What types of pharmacotherapy services are there?

The types of pharmacotherapy services for opioid dependence treatment are public and private clinics, and private prescribers.

If I have a concern about my treatment what can OTL do?

• OTL can provide information on whether the NSW Opioid Treatment Program guidelines have been followed and give advice based on the guidelines.
• OTL can contact your service to try and negotiate an outcome that is both satisfactory to you and the service involved. OTL cannot override a decision made by the service.
• If the issue cannot be resolved in this way, OTL can provide you with information regarding lines of appeal.

With your permission, OTL would like to note your concerns. This record will go to the NSW Department of Health to ensure your issue is officially noted with the aim of not only helping individual issues but in improving the system for all consumers and providers in NSW.