Psychiatric Emergency Care

Our psychiatric emergency care centre (PECC) provides person centred care to individuals that presents to our emergency department during a time of crisis, in need of support and care from our specialised mental health care team.

This multi-disciplinary team is made up of a wide variety of health care professionals including medical doctors, psychiatrists, mental health nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, homeless health supports, Aboriginal health and peer workers.

PECC is a 6 bedded ward, designed to support people in a short-term capacity who need urgent mental health care interventions with 24/7 specialised nursing care. 

We work alongside family and carers to provide safe and non-judgemental care to promote recovery, and assist with each patient’s transition back to the community.

How we can help?

PECC provides an extensive mental Health assessment by a health care professional and personalised 24/7 nursing for a short stay period of observation and support within our speciality unit.

We provide a safe and supportive environment with non-judgemental, highly skilled and compassionate teams. 

We also support families and carers with education and information about mental illness and work with them to provide the most appropriate treatment options.


Dr Jacqueline Huber, Emergency Psychiatry Staff Specialist at St Vincent's, explains the Safe Assessment Space (SAS) in our ED: