Heart Lung Clinic

The St Vincent's Hospital Heart Lung Clinic cares for patients with:

• Heart failure
• Lung diseases
• Pulmonary hypertension
• Patients who require or have had a heart and/or lung transplant

Following a heart or lung transplant, patients have a life-long relationship with the Clinic and St Vincent’s Hospital as we are the only centre in New South Wales for heart and lung transplant patients. St Vincent’s Hospital also accepts patients from South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Research is also an important part of our work. Many of the people being cared for in the clinic are involved in heart and lung clinical trials.

Tuberculosis Clinic
The Tuberculosis Clinic is also contained within the Heart Lung Clinic. People can be tested for tuberculosis and have treatment delivered. This clinic also cares for people with non-tuberculous mycobacterial diseases


Heart Lung Program
Level 4, Xavier Building
St Vincent’s Hospital
390 Victoria Street
Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Tel 02 8382 3150


Dr Mark Benzimra
Associate Professor Allan Glanville
Dr Christopher Hayward
Dr Adrian Havryk
Dr Anne Keogh
Dr Eugene Kotlyar
Dr Monique Malouf
Dr Peter MacDonald
Dr Amy Rigby
Dr Emily Stone
Dr Marshall Plit
Dr Deborah Yates
Dr Bruce Walker
Dr Anthony Byrne


Contact the Lung Function Laboratory on 02 8382 3150 for an appointment. Please bring your referral letter to your first appointment as well as your Medicare and any concession cards.

Urgent Appointments

For a VERY URGENT outpatient appointment phone switchboard 02 8382 1111 and ask to speak to the registrar of the relevant specialty.