Psychogeriatric Mental Health & Dementia Service


Level 4, The O’Brien Centre, 390 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst.

About Us

The Psychogeriatric team consists of members from a variety of disciplines, including Psychiatry, Nursing, Clinical Psychology, Clinical Neuropsychology, Social Work, and Occupational Therapy. 

Mental Health and Dementia Service

Clinical Psychologists provide a range of clinical services including individual psychological therapy, neuropsychological and capacity assessments, group programs, carer support, behaviour management, education and supervision. Psychologists will see patients in the outpatient clinic (Level 4, OBC), inpatient wards and in the community / in residential aged care facilities.

Psychogeriatric SOS

Psychogeriatric SOS is an online service providing consultation, supervision and education to clinicians in rural and remote NSW working with older adults experiencing mental health issues (depression, anxiety, adjustment, schizophrenia, psychotic illness, delirium and demential). Clinicians can register online at


Inpatient Referrals: The patient must be referred by a geriatrician via Web deLacy. If a patient over the age of 65 requires mental health assessment, but is not admitted under a geriatrician or psychiatrist, the referral should go to the SVH Consultation Liaison Psychiatry team.

Outpatient Referrals: The patient must be 65 years of age or over, and reside within the SVH catchment area. Patients require a GP referral, addressed to the staff specialist. The patient must not currently be engaged with the acute care team or a private psychiatrist. 


Phone: 0410 602 039 (Preferred)
             (02) 8382 1540

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